The Story of Gumbas...

February 2012 was the beginning of The Gumbas Company when owner and founder Michael Mangano released the very first Gumbas Brand Original All Purpose Sauce and Gravy. Gumbas original sauce was known at that time as “Gumbas Everyday Sauce and Gravy” and made its public debut into the very first retail grocery store known at that time as “Food Land” in South Lebanon Township in South Lebanon, Pennsylvania
The Gumbas Brand (Black label) original sauce was the sauce that started it all my Gumbas!

2 years after the Original Gumbas sauce made its debut, Michael then released The Gumbas Brand “Romano Cheese All Purpose Sauce and Gravy” (Creme label) for those who love Romano cheese.

Gumbas uses a premium Romano Cheese made from “cow's milk that contains no fillers whatsoever, no cellulose powder, no potato starch”, just a high quality all-natural Romano Cheese that is bursting with a distinct flavor!

On May 27, 2016 Michael bought out his business partner, and purchased the salsa part of the business to bring Gumbas BBQ Salsa 100% under The Gumbas Company ownership.

Gumbas BBQ Salsa: The Mexican Salsa with The Italian name!

December 2017 was when The Gumbas Brand Original All Purpose Sauce and Gravy 1/2-gallon size plastic jug was made available for retail to customers with larger families and who have a need for more of the amazing Gumbas sauce!

After many requests from Mike’s Gumbas for him to come out with a sauce that has “no sugar added”,
Mike delivered with his amazing Gumbas Brand Vodka Sauce!

Released in September 2021, and as a tribute to Silvana and her Italian cafe “Taste of Sicily” in Palmyra, PA, The Gumbas Brand Vodka sauce was released!

Like all other All Purpose Gumbas products, The Gumbas Brand Vodka Sauce is great for many things and is a great fit for people who are either Type 2 diabetics or who simply want to “avoid any added sugar”!

Then in February 2022, The Gumbas Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce was released just in time for the 2022 grilling season!

Thank you for supporting The Gumbas Company my Gumbas!